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Feels like 7th grade

Lately I've been experiencing feelings and desires


The struggle

I feel everyone deserves to be happy. When people are going places in their life and making moves for the better, it's encouraging. Anyone who would hate on another's person happiness is just plain unhappy themselves.

I know struggle; I know pain.

I have persevered through much in my short time and I respect anyone who is able to rise above all of bad; pain, strife, struggle, difficulty and people who try to bring them down. Life can be hard but if you continue through it all with the knowledge or even just a glimmer of hope that it will change and it will get better, well, you're half way there.

I am so blessed in my life and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't tell God how appreciative I am, not only for the good in my life but the lessons I've had to learn along the way... Without the lessons I don't believe I would be able to fully appreciate ALL that I have right now. My career is on the fast track, I have a beautiful family and I'm alive!

This too could be you. Hang in there.

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Happy Birthday Rodi

Happy Birthday Friend!


Question HIM not

Faith broken.
Faith renewed.



Jake + Olive *heart*

30 [is]/[feels like] the new 40

My 30th birthday is just days away and to be honest
2 years ago…
2010: Time's [never] Right
Sometimes you know what's right front the start. When they say "go with your gut", listen... Like, really listen.


Sticks && Stones

If sticks and stones break bones then words cut deep like a knife.
The tongue is like a dagger; in the hands of the wrong person it can be used to hurt, harm or kill.
Hurt ones feelings.
Harm ones self esteem.
Kill all love.
"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option"


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... True...

[Mr] Charming

IF he existed, he'd sing this song to me and he'd mean every last word:


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If it makes you happy & puts a smile on your face


[constant] Failing Grade

"Love" is a course no one can teach. Everyone will fail it once, twice, three, four or more times, but people will continue to try until they get a passing grade; hearts so broken, settling for a 'C' seems like they 'A'ced in "Love". #jaded

Location:Heartbreak, CA


Set it free... 4 G00D!

It's okay, it's okay...
Best believe I understand, it's okay...



Inside, hidden, are feelings of despair.
Mentally jaded from the constant reflective reasoning in my head.
The occurrences, the predicaments; all are rationally and objectively considered.
This is what I'm concluding...


Purpose (•_•)

How do you know you're here for a "real" reason? 50 Cent said:
"...now I know I'm here for a real reason, cuz he got hit [shot] like I got got hit- but he ain't f***in breathin'..."


Job Hunting SUCKS

I feel like my job and relationship are at the same road block.


RiVER ��

I stop wearing your chain
It was open conversation to my pain



My New Years Resolution(s):


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I'm not psychic.
I do NOT read minds.
If you got a problem, open your mouth and address me like an adult.